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About the Company 

Juliana Dennis Longevity Specialist 

Look and Feel Great Now And For Years To Come !

Juliana spent 20 years in Laboratory and Functional Medicine and the last 6 years studying Nutrigenomics, most recently Epigenetics.

She recently  Authored, her book 

Aging Redefined

 Biohack Your Body Clock Backwards

Available on Amazon 

She is a  Public Speaker, and has shared the stage with Denis Waitley.

Here mission is teach how to 

 Turn the Biological Clock Back to Look and Feel Great Now and For Years To Come

This is 66

For the last 18 years Juliana has been on a journey to optimize her Health which was amplified in 2019 when she applied the principals of Epigenetics.

She has learned to defy the years by lifestyle habits, mindfullness, nutrition, supplementation, and skin care.

She uses the most cutting edge science to provide you with Personalized Wellness.  By using DNA Tests she can custom design your Supplement Plan, Fitness Plan. Diet Plan, and Skin Care Regimen

She is  excited to lead the way to Your Transformation to the New and Improved Version of You.

What Makes Her Coaching Unique?

With Juliana's experience in laboratory Medicine she believes in quantifiable data to provide a base line and then to monitor the progress. 

For Longevity Coaching she establishes  your Biological Age with a DNA Methylation Test.

In 6 months a retest is done to monitor the progress.

Precision Wellness

Created Specifically For You based upon your DNA Profile

Custom Designed Supplement Plan

Custom Designed Fitness

Custom Designed Diet 

Custom Designed Skin Care Regimen 


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